The First Nations Student Association Presents KU Powwow and Indigenous Cultures Festival 2022f

2022 Schedule

April 9th Schedule

In addition to the FNSA Powwow, April 9th will have several free community events including children's activities and educational workshops. If you have questions or concerns, please visit the Info Booth near the main entrance to the Lied Center.


Tipi Setup

Observe FNSA members raise the FNSA tipi on the lawn of the Lied Center of Kansas. 


Powwow 101, Lied Center Pavilion

Join local Indigenous consultant and historian, Jancita Warrington (Menominee, Potawatomi, and Ho-Chunk Nations), as she provides an overview of powwows. Jancita will describe powwow songs, dance styles and provide a brief explanation of cultural regalia represented by each dance.


Grand Entry #1, Powwow Grounds

This is the first entry for all the powwow participants entering the powwow arena. Everyone in the audience is asked to stand as the color guard brings in the flags.

Once everyone is in the arena, and while everyone continues standing, the flags are raised as singers sing the flag song and honor song. This opens the powwow and the dancing begins.

Learn more about Grand Entry


Indian Education 101, Lied Center Pavilion

Dr. Alex Red Corn (Osage Nation of Oklahoma) will introduce Indian education and explain the need to engage in the complexity of Indigenous relationships with education.

Storytime with Christina Haswood, Lied Center Main Stage

Join Christina Haswood (Diné) as she reads Sofia Valdez, Future Prez by Andrea Beaty. 

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Indigenous Author’s Book Browse

Expand your list of Indigenous books by viewing and reading books recommended by Ponak'azo (Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin & Prairie Band Potawatomi) and L. Marie (Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians).

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Children's Language and Literacy Activities

Join crafts/activities relate to children’s books written by our two guest authors, Jimmy Beason (Osage Nation of Oklahoma) and Sharice Davids (Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin). We will feature their two storybooks, Native Americans in History: A History Book for Kids and Sharice’s Big Voice: A Native Kid Becomes a Congresswoman.


The Relocation of Nokwsi Q&A with Producer Robert Hicks Jr., Lied Center Conference Room

virtual puppet production by Robert Hicks Jr. (Pyramid Lake Paiute-Yakama-Cherokee), inspired by the experiences of his grandfather, the title character. Nokwsi invites audiences to gather round and listen to the story of his journey away from his people, the Cherokee, Paiute, Yakama, and Shoshone, to live and work in Chicago. 

Indigenous Hand Games

Join in and learn hand games, a Native American guessing game.


Perris Indian School & Southern California, 1894: A Savage Investigation Eclipsed By a Savage Murder, Lied Center Pavilion

Join us for a special presentation by Dr. Theresa Milk, a Lakota mother and grandmother, and author of Haskell Institute: 19th Century Stories of Sacrifice and Survival. 

The Fingerweaving Activity

Join Haskell alumnus, Jared Nally (Miami Tribe of Oklahoma), and current KU student Delila Begay (Diné) for an introductory-level fingerweaving workshop, supplies included. Space will be limited, pre-registration is full.


Storytime with Jimmy Beason, Lied Center Main Stage

Join Jimmy Beason (Osage Nation of Oklahoma) as he reads his book Native Americans in History: A History Book for Kids.


Indigenous Authors Conversation, Lied Center Pavilion

Featuring Indigenous authors, Jimmy Beason (Osage Nation of Oklahoma) and Sharice Davids (Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin), join our conversation to learn more about their background and the inspiration and process it took in publishing their books.

Indigenous Hand Games

Join in and learn hand games, a Native American guessing game.


Indigenous Identities of KU, Powwow Grounds

Join FNSA and learn more about the diverse identities of our Indigenous community. 


Storytime with Sharice Davids, Lied Center Main Stage

Join Sharice Davids (Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin) as she reads her book "Sharice’s Big Voice: A Native Kid Becomes a Congresswoman."


Grand Entry #2, Powwow Grounds

This is the second entry after supper break to open the second session of the powwow. 


Tipi Breakdown

Join FNSA members breakdown the FNSA tipi and secure the tipi poles for transport. 

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